Oral Antitoxic Duprat

ORAL ANTITOXIC DUPRAT is widely indicated for food poisoning and/or drug intoxication and other etiologies. It should be used as an adjunct in prolonged treatments with antibiotics, sulfa drugs, deworming, tick treatment, before the baths with parasiticide shampoos or talc. For cases of early liver cirrhosis, fatty infiltration of the liver, acute toxic hepatitis, in all cases of debility of the hepatic functions, in the case of inhalation of ammonia from manured chicken coops and stress (travel, exhibitions and etc).

It has excellent effect on Hypovitaminoses by the presence of B vitamins in its formula, revitalizing the basal functions of the organism.


It discourages self-harm, combats coprophagy and assists in weaning. Non-toxic, with moisturizing and emollient action to the dermis.

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