DUPRAFER is a mineral vitamin supplement, with a high concentration of iron, B vitamins and folic acid, which assists in the process of growth and development of blood cells.
Liquid supplement for horses, mules, asses, sheep, goats, ostriches, pigs, canines, felines, mustelids and reptiles, birds, and rodents, containing all the elements to supplement the animals which are in inadequate nutritional condition.


DUCÁLCIO is indispensable to animals that are in the stage of growth and development, contributing to a perfect formation of bones and teeth, preventing from rickets. In adult animals, it is used as osteomalacia treatment and prevention (facial edema).

MaltodeX PET

MALTODEX PET is a supplement consisting of B-complex vitamins, vitamin A and amino acids, aiding in the improvement of nutritional status of animals, stimulating appetite increase and having energetic and anti-stress functions. It is indicated for dogs, cats, birds, mustelids, reptiles, and rodents.


DUPÁSSARO is a general-purpose association of vitamins, recommended for birds in general in order to correct and prevent from nutritional deficiencies, which are caused by inadequate diets and bad management.
It is composed of food supplement that is aimed at the full development of birds, by acting in their growth and plumage.
The product should be administered in the critical phases of breeding, when the animal has its largest organic needs.
It is essential in cases of transport stress, in climate change, in plumage exchange, as well as after deworming and debeaking.

Best Health

Supplement containing minerals, amino acids, vitamins and yeast, it is indicated for growing animals, weight gain, increased performance, improved feed conversion and it assists in the improvement of food intake. Indicated for dogs, cats and birds

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