DUPRAFER is a mineral vitamin supplement, with a high concentration of iron, B vitamins and folic acid, which assists in the process of growth and development of blood cells.
Liquid supplement for horses, mules, asses, sheep, goats, ostriches, pigs, canines, felines, mustelids and reptiles, birds, and rodents, containing all the elements to supplement the animals which are in inadequate nutritional condition.


DUCÁLCIO is indispensable to animals that are in the stage of growth and development, contributing to a perfect formation of bones and teeth, preventing from rickets. In adult animals, it is used as osteomalacia treatment and prevention (facial edema).

MaltodeX G.A.

MALTODEX G.A. is a vitamin mineral amino acid supplement that combines 23 amino acids and maltodextrin, assisting in stimulating appetite and acting as energetic and anti-stress. Is indicated for use in large animals and production animals.

Eletrolítico Duprat Equinos e Bovinos

ELETROLÍTICO DUPRAT EQUINOS E BOVINOS is a supplement containing minerals, amino acids, vitamin and probiotic, effectively providing an additional replacement of these ingredients.

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