The National Association of Clinical Veterinariany for  Small Animals annually holds the Anclivepa Brazilian Congress, where Duprat Laboratories always takes part in. During this four-day event, there are round tables, exhibitions, symposia, debates and lectures with national and international renown speakers and professionals, who discuss and address issues of interest to all areas of the sector

    In addition to this great event, there is also an important showcase which presents itself as an excellent option for the market to show what is best in animal food, medicines and equipment. It is surely a unique opportunity to stimulate the contact between companies, their products and customers.


    Congress of Clinical Veterinarians for Small Animals and Pet Market Trade Show in the Midwest of Brazil.

Expovet Minas

   ​    Expovet Minas's great competitive advantage is its close and targeted relationship with the visitors of the event.

         The purpose of the show is to bring together the main brands of the industry in order to strengthen the Pet Market from MInas Gerais state, featuring novelties and innovations to veterinarians and pet shop owners, as well as high quality courses and lectures.

Pet South America

    The major annual international trade show of products and services for the pet and veterinary range, Pet South America is the best opportunity to get in touch with thousands of companies in the sector in Brazil and Latin America and with a total professional audience who guarantees the quality and the outcome of the event. Duprat Laboratories has participated in this important event for many years.

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